Most people live daily with many pressures and urgencies . Learning to balance our body, our emotions and our minds need to feed our welfare and that of those around us , and find harmony .

Camping Los Delfines also offers Massages:

Aquatic therapy Janzu


The Janzu is an aquatic experience you can get anyone you want. Basically session is done with two people; Receiver and professional. The receiver only relaxes and loose their body in water, and professional holds the recipient's body, which performs movements and pressures to level the surface and under water.

The Janzu can be applied as a relaxation session, liberation and transformation, receiving sessions either in one session or series.

Knots origin and physical or emotional stress caused by blockages dissolve naturally, allowing the energy to flow harmoniously. Its effects are not only physical but psychological, mental and spiritual level.

The Janzu offers wonderful experiences such as a deep relaxation, the feeling of freedom, the feeling of being in the womb, and stress release stored emotions, deep meditation, the experience of connecting with yourself or with your essential self, etc.

This technique is based on the teachings of the Indian master Osho and human development techniques, aquatic and cosmic consciousness, also in the knowledge and practices of Eastern and Western spiritual techniques.

Hawaiian massage


The Hawaiian massage, or Lomi Lomi is one of the most profound forms of massage the body. Total harmony, working every muscle is achieved, and facilitates the passage of fluids energéticos.A glance, it may seem a massage. However, the Lomi Lomi or Hawaiian massage is one of the most profound forms of massage the body. This therapy treats both the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, achieving a deep and complete relaxation.

It originated in ancient Hawaiian healers who through the Huna philosophy treated the body and mind at the same time. The therapist's job, done almost exclusively with the forearms, and aromatherapy duo are essential for this type of massage.

Their rhythmic movements, fluid and continuous throughout the body, more reminiscent of the inevitable idyllic Hawaiian Islands make this massage resembles ocean waves harmoniously traveling around the body.

Hot stone massage


The hot stone massage or geothermal therapy combines traditional therapeutic massage with application to the skin of stones at different temperatures to facilitate vital energy flow and relieve physical and emotional disorders. Although it has become fashionable for some years over here, the origin of ostone therapy known as geothermal therapy is an old oriental massage technique inspired by disciplines such as reiki, they believe there are seven centers in our body energy called 'chakras', through which flows the energy of the universe (Rei) and life (Ki) of each person.

According to these disciplines, if we suffer an illness or discomfort, it is because the energy is not circulating in our body properly, and this is usually caused by blockage or malfunction of any of loschakras.

The geothermal therapy combines massage therapy with the use of hot and cold stones -ubicando them at ports where such chakras- are, thus the energy to flow properly and thus relieving our distress. Not to mention that many of the stones used are of volcanic origin with which, in addition to improving the flow of our own energy, our bodies receive energy from the earth (Rei).

But this type of therapy is not unique to East. It was also used by the natives of Australia and America, with saunas, combined use of stones with herbs.

Thai massage line sen


Thai massage is a type of massage or massage perceptive Thai massage , which involves stretching and massage deep. This form of bodywork is usually performed on the floor , with the patient wearing comfortable clothing that allows movement . No oils are used in Thai massage . It is known in Thailand as nuad rarn bo, or nuat phaen nuad boran boran literally in the old style massage



Shiatsu (指 (Shi), finger, and 圧 (Atsu), pressure on areas of the body?), Odigitopuntura, 1 is a manual alternative medicine native Japan recognized by the Ministry of Health in Japan, with the collection of various traditional techniques .

The foundation techniques are do-in, ankio and traditional Chinese medicine, these techniques had lived various times in the nineteenth century (Meiji period) they decline to be adopted Western medicine in Japan. In the twentieth century Tamai Tempaku groups all these traditional knowledge under the word shiatsu and reports with the book Shiatsu Ho where anmma combines techniques, ampuku and the do-in with Western anatomy and physiology.

The therapeutic potential of Shiatsu as we know it today is a modern technique that was articulated in the early twentieth century by Tokujiro Namikoshi (1905-2000) who developed the art of Shiatsu by combining traditional techniques and the physiological and anatomical knowledge Western medicine.

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